The Concept

You deserve to look

as good as your sound.

Jennika Photography works professionally with music photography with the aim to make the bands look as good as their sounds.
With diplomas from both Gamleby and Gothenburg School of Photography, Jennika uses a wide set of analog and digital skills to perfect a visual presentation for preforming artists.  



There are some inevitable steps before the release of new material.
Adverts in both printed publications and on social medias are a necessity. 
Complement your band photos with images designed especially for headers, logos and copy.



All bands are different and no band photo is ever the same.
Together we find a location and style that represents the bands image. The official shots you choose will truly embrace the sound of the band.


In the middle of a concert, when the artist is captured by his own music, a concentrated stillness occurs.
Preserving this moment as an image allows the audience to relive the moment over and over again. 

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